Monday, 20 January 2014

Fitness fashion

So you may have read that I recently started the gym. It's going really well actually and I'm loving it, even if I do feel like I'm dying the day after I've been with my personal trainer. 
Of course as I was going to the gym, this called for new gym clothes so heres a few things I bought.

I didn't want things specifically just only for the gym so I thought a couple of normal vest tops (in the size up just so they're a bit looser) would do the trick. I did look at special fitness ones, but my running vest top irritates the hell out of me as it just rises up with any movement. The grey speckled one was £4.99 from H&M and the green was reduced to £2 in NewLook's sale. I did buy a few more colours as well, even though I know nobody's looking at me I hate wearing the same things all the time!
I also bought leggings as I thought these would be much easier to move in, these blue ones were £3 from Primark, probably won't last all too long but ah well. I also got two plain black pairs from Select for £8. 
The sports bras were obviously an essential and I was surprised at how expensive some are! I got these two from SportsDirect for £7.99 each and considering I only go to the gym twice a week right now I have time to wash them in between sessions! After my first session with my trainer he recommended I buy weightlifting gloves as my hands weren't getting a very good grip on the weights and there's no way I want to be dropping one of those bad boys on my feet! I think these were only £6.50 and surprisingly were from Tesco!
I also got the bag from JDsports in their sale for about £6, I think. All in all I spent about £60 ish on everything I bought which isn't too bad! I don't get those girls that go into the gym, full face of make up and spend more time fussing over what they're wearing than actually exercising. So far I'm deciding to stick with it, up until my holiday in June at least! 


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