Thursday, 5 December 2013

Treat yourself.. You know you want to!

So with Christmas just around the corner (yes that's going to be mentioned a lot, I'm a kid when it comes to Christmas time, especially now I have one!) the discounts are in full swing online. 
I know you're probably all really busy with buying your friends and families presents and might not have any money to spare, but if you're anything like me, when you see that big 'Sale' or 'Up to such and such % off' you need to go check it out. 
I've been getting emails left right and centre from lots of different clothing sites luring me to their savings and here are my top five including some peaks at what's on offer!

River Island.
Up to 20% off all jewellery. 
Starting with the smaller of the discounts (but by no means to be overlooked) is the River Island up to 20% off all jewellery. The necklace was originally £7 down to £5.60. A small saving, but every little helps! I love this necklace, and as I'm not a fan of those huge statement necklaces, I still like to have a bit of sparkle (what girl doesn't?) and this necklace is so pretty! The earrings were £3 reduced to £2.40, which yes, I know isn't the biggest of savings, but they're so dainty and would just add something extra to your outfit. 

up to 30% off party wear
As you can probably guess, the majority of the sales and discounts floating about lately are for party wear, which makes sense with the all important New Year's Eve parties creeping up on us. I thought I'd pick two items that could actually be a whole outfit. The playsuit by Little Mistress was £48 reduced to £38, giving a pretty good saving. I love the fact it has sleeves, I will never understand those girls who go out in the dead of winter with barely nothing on and no coat or jacket! Although it's pretty plain and black, the little embellishment on the shoulder gives it a little sparkle. The heels by Blink were £55 reduced to £28. I like the subtle silver floral design on the heels which I'm assuming would look great when they catch the light.

up to 30% off party wear and jersey basics
Again another party wear discount to the same amount as Asos. They didn't have much in the way of dresses in the party wear section which I thought was a little strange, maybe I'm just more of a fan of dresses for parties.. Anyway, I found this lovely pair of blue embellished side shorts with sort of a chiffon overlay. They were £45 now £30 so quite a good saving, although to me £30 on one pair of shorts is a bit much. The one dress I did like was this lovely blush lace floral dress. It is sort of a spring dress, but pastel colours are still in for winter, so why not? It was £49 reduced to £32 so not bad really! 
The other savings they're offering is on jersey basics. There wasn't much I was all too fond of, but I did like this burgundy long sleeved top which was already a good price of £18 reduced to an even better £12! I'm always on the lookout for thinner jumper type layers to wear over vest tops and I love this! The dress is also quite plain, and some of you may be thinking that it is way too cold to be wearing in this weather, but with a leather jacket a thick scarf, tights and some ankle boots, you'd be just as warm as in leggings! It was £12 now only £8 so I think I may have to look out for this on sunday.

 New Look 
up to 25% off coats and boots
I always love New Look's boots, so when they have sales on them I have to check them out. This pair of grey, low wedge lace-up boots are pretty similar to a pair of black wedges I bought last year and are so so comfortable my mum's bought me a brown pair for Christmas this year! This particular pair was £24.99 reduced to £18.74 which is pretty good for shoes these days! The over the knee boots are similar to a pair of Kelly Brook boots that my friend fell in love with a couple months back, but with a chunkier heel. They were £39.99 reduced to £29.99 so still a bit pricey, but I'm sure they'd be worth it! 
The Leather biker jacket rears it's head again! Even though I have one, I still find myself lusting over pretty much every one I see online.. I don't know why. This one was £39.99 down to £29.99 which is really cheap even for a leather-look! The navy toggle coat is another that's not usually my style, but caught my eye. I'm happy with both my coats, I have the short leather jacket one and a longer one, so I won't start hoarding them, but if I hand't already bought my long black mac then I'd probably be getting this coat. It was £34.99 reduced to £26.24.

Miss Selfridge
up to 30% off everything!
Ah Miss selfridge you have to stop doing this to me! I love all three of these items and if the majority of my bank balance wasn't spent on Christmas presents in Leicester yesterday, they'd already be on their way to me! The Distressed dark wash jeans are down to only £26 from £38, I don't know what it is about ripped jeans, I've always loved them ever since that pair that Peyton used to live in on One Tree Hill caught my eye. The beautiful embellished cami top is £28.80 reduced from £32. It's not the biggest saving, and being the most expensive of the three, naturally I want it the most. If I try it on in-store and fall in love with it, maybe I can figure out a way to not feel guilty about buying it! The floral scarf  is only £11.20 reduced from £16! I did actually see this online about a week ago and I'm always funny about buying scarves online due to not knowing how big they'll be. I bought a scarf from internacionale a while back and it was so tiny I couldn't even tie it round my neck! Despite this, I did actually see it in-store yesterday and it's perfect! I did ponder over it for a good five minutes… maybe on sunday? 

I'm going to stop rambling now before I talk myself into placing an order online! 
Have you found any other great savings online lately? Let me know :)

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