Sunday, 1 September 2013

Lucky No.7?

If you've read my blog before, you might notice I seem to have a thing about keeping my brushes really clean at the moment, which, if you'd actually seen the current state of my bedroom, you would not believe in the slightest. Kind of bomb site meets TK Maxx (I always find that store like one big giant jumble sale). 
Anyway, I was in Boots yesterday buying probably my thousandth pair of Katy Perry fake eyelashes for going out last night, which I didn't even up wearing as the glue wouldn't stick (again! I waste so much money on eyelashes..) when I remembered that while I was trawling their online site the other day that I had seen a No.7 brush cleanser. Now, since I started using my foundation brush (which I'm loving although I find I'm going through foundation a lot quicker) I find I need to clean my brushes, especially that one at least once every couple of days, which of course, having the memory of a goldfish, I forget to do until I actually go to do my make up and then have to deal with the last couple of applications still stuck to the brush, making it a tad solid and clumped together.
I've seen quite a few make up cleansers lately, but as I was in store I thought I'd just ask and yay they actually had it! 

The bottle itself is actually £8 and it's quite a big bottle. Apparently it's quite a new product, so only the larger stores have it at the moment (according to the boutique Boots store in my town centre). Usually I would think hmm £8 on something I don't know what it's like is a bit of a risk, but I decided to trust No.7 and just go for it as their products are usually really good. 

 I first tried it out on my blusher brush. You just put a couple of squirts on a cotton pad and then gently brush the brush over it. Although I will warn you, the first time you use the pump it will come out a tad fast. It seemed to have worked really well on the blusher brush and my bristles felt really smooth and it actually dried within about 30 seconds! 

Top - before
Bottom - after 
Okay so I will admit my foundation brush has been a bit neglected the past week as I've been in a hurry when doing my make up. As you can see it's sort of clumped together and was a tad hard to apply smoothly. I had to use quite a bit more of the liquid on this, might just be because of the amount of foundation in it though. The brush was still a little damp when I took the picture, but it hasn't gotten it all off as I could still see a bit of foundation in between. 
I admit I was a tad disappointed that it didn't all come off in one sweep, but I realise I may have been expecting a little too much considering how much was on there. I think that this product is pretty good if you don't have the time to thoroughly clean your brushes, as it does get rid of some residue, but it's by no means the same as deeply washing your brushes with water and soap/shampoo. 

Hope you all had a great weekend! xo

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