Monday, 9 September 2013

Good morning bright eyes!

When I was younger, we used to live in the lovely little town of Caerphilly in South Wales, but as we moved a little late in the school year the only school places we could get were in Newport which is about a 45 minute drive each way. This meant many years of getting up pretty darn early to drive to get to school on time. This and the fact I have a nearly three year old who refuses to sleep past half 7 or 8 in the morning (I really should learn to go to sleep earlier!) unfortunately seems to have left me with permanent dark circles under my eyes. I've never really tried any sort of eye cream before, thinking god I'm only 20 I'm too young to start on all the creams! But it's got to the point where concealer's not really covering it and my eyes do feel quite puffy in the mornings so I gave in and went trawling the shop for a nice cream. I guess now I'm past my teenage years I should accept the fact I can't stay up til 2 in the morning and still wake up at 7 fresh as a daisy! 
I didn't really want to buy an expensive one as I didn't know how well it would actually work. I found the Good Things Bright Eyes eye cream in Tesco for £5.99. (it can also be bought at Boots for the same price).
The bottle is pretty small, only 15ml, but you barely need any on so it will probably last quite a while. It's got a lovely smell as it's made from raspberry and Lychee extracts, which are supposedly super fruits. Going to have to try eating a few more of these, it's gotta be good for you! The best thing about this product for me, is that it's free from any harmful chemicals which is great for my sensitive skin. I've only used it a couple of times, I am notoriously lazy when it comes to taking my make up off before bed, something I really need to rectify as I used to have a pretty good nighttime skin care regime. But the times I have used it, it has made my skin feel very awake and refreshed which has got to be a good sign, and it has removed the puffy feeling in the morning.

I've also seen that they do a Instant dark circle concealer cream as well, which I might try out as my concealer is on it's very last legs, been scraping the sides of the bottle for about a week now. Hope everyone had a great weekend, I'm just off to take Tayla to the farm before she starts nursery tomorrow! They grow up too fast :( Will post a couple pictures on tomorrow's post for anyone who wants to have a look, have a great Monday :) 

Oh and just a quick thank you to all my regular readers, (you know you are) for getting me to over 1000 views :D 

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