Monday, 5 August 2013

My UBU obsession

I mentioned in a previous post my trusty UBU brushes and thought I'd do a little post on them :) I only have a small collection, and at a fiver a brush they can get a little expensive when buying all together, but I'm a little addicted to them at the moment!

From left to right, No.20 'Glow Stick' foundation brush
No.31 'Drama Queen' angled eye defining brush
No. 35 'Eyemazing' tapered blending brush
No. 36 'Holy Smoke' blending brush
No. 12 'Kabuki Crush' powder brush

Now the foundation and powder brushes are new, I was previously using a cheapy H&M powder brush, but I found that the hairs on the brush were becoming quite coarse and loose. This powder brush is great, only used it once but it applied even coverage and the powder didn't get lost in the bristles as common with some of the cheaper ones. I've never actually used a foundation brush before, I tend to use my finger or a sponge (don't really find sponges all too helpful ended up wasting more foundation as it was all soaked up) but I saw a post on another blog about how using a foundation brush had made her face look a lot more even and she'd had quite a few comments on how good her skin looked. I don't actually remember the name of this blog, (there's that sieve mind of mine again!) but if I find it I'll be sure to post and give her the credit :) 
I must say though, I do agree that the brush is a lot easier to use and great for getting into all the crevices of your face evenly. Plus you don't get the horrible oily feel on your hands afterwards! Although I really do recommend washing it after each use so that it doesn't get all clumpy, just run it under a little cold water.

Onto the eye shadow brushes. These actually come together in a pack of three for £6 in Tesco and are the best brushes I own. They are amazing for creating a smokey eye but also work great for a more casual look. The angled brush is great also for if you don't want to use an actual eyeliner and prefer to line your eyes with eyeshadow (which is sometimes way more flattering if you're wearing lighter make up) and is really easy for any make up artist wannabe to use!
Did I mention how much I love the colours of these brushes? The bright colours, especially in my make up bag which seems to be like the bag belonging to Mary Poppins, makes them a lot easier to find.

In order to keep these brushes as soft as they are when you take them out of the packet, (and it's like putting your make up on with a feather) make sure you rinse them out every once in a while with warm soapy water and leave to dry naturally :)

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