Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Embracing the crop top

Hey everyone, so as you all may have seen the crop top trend is huge this year. I absolutely love all the different colours and styles and patterns but being a mother, (and a typical girl!) I have avoided this trend like the plague due to not being what you'd call a 'flat stomached' person. Damn you naturally skinny girls!
  I've been having a go at the 30 day shred, (more on this later) and I'm on my last day of level two today (having a bit of a rest day as I've pulled my shoulder muscle trying to show off to my brother my amazing press up skills... which I ended up not showing) and I must say it's given me a lot more confidence!
skirt - missguided, top and necklace - new look

I bought this skirt urm probably last October in their sale (for an amazing price of £4.60 I might add!) and although it said it was a size 12 it seemed a little on the small side and was cutting off circulation to my stomach :P I bought the top a while ago as well as a bit of motivation to lose weight and after 16 days doing the 30 day shred I found the skirt actually fit comfortably and thought I'd brave the crop top as well! 
Just annoyingly turns out that after all this nice weather the one day I decide to wear a short skirt it's windy and miserable and I had to walk around town holding my skirt to my body!

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