Tuesday, 30 July 2013

A cheeky little buy

So I went out to get milk and strawberries (random purchase I know!) and once again seemed to have found my way to the make up section of Morrisons..

Only two things, and they were on sale so it's technically not that bad.. 
Left : Mylene Klass Wrap round nails
Right : Rimmel eyeshadow trio (76 sapphire moonstone)

So first let's talk about the nails. I've been seeing these wrap round nails for ages now and seeing as I'm not the best at drawing with my left hand, thought this would be better than trying a nail art pen. They were pretty easy to apply; just press the rounded edge to your cuticle and smooth down then file off the excess with the handy file included. This is all well and good but if you have teeny nails like I do, there aren't enough of the smaller wraps to fit and you end up with some overhang on the side of your nail. A bit like when you get that annoying bit of skin that's somehow decided to split and is a nightmare to get off! Doubt they'll last long but at least they didn't cost a lot.
Anyway, here's the finished product - not looking terribly awful.
Very minnie mouse-esque :)

Now for the eyes. I have a little problem with eyeshadow I must admit.. my make up bag is full with pretty much mostly eyeshadow palletes and I'm always buying more! I have quite a few of these Rimmel trio's now and they're great for a quick and easy look thats not too plain. This was reduced from £6 odd down to £3.48. Not entirely sure why as there was nothing wrong with the box and nothing was missing, but hey not gonna complain at saving money!
Again, pretty easy to apply as there's instructions on the back as to which colour goes where.
As you can see it's quite dark, the pink doesn't really do much, but it's only a highlighting colour for the top anyways. There is a brush included in the pack, but I always prefer to use my trusty UBU smokey eye brushes (available from most Asda and Tesco stores) which are great for creating lines and blending the colours together. Although I like dark eyeshadow, I'd say this one is better suited for a night out or special occasion rather than everyday wear :)

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